Parachute Cord

Intended for a number of uses, the Mountain Warehosue Parachute Cord is ideal to be used with survival bags for building temporary shelters, boot laces, washing lines when camping, and even guy lines.The olive colouring will camouflage the cord when used in the great outdoors, and over the years Parachute Cord has become an essential tool for the military, and Scouts and Guide leaders alike. Supplied as a total length of 15m, the Parachute Cord can be cut to any length required to suit your intended purpose.
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Length - The parachute cord is in total 15m in length, but for convenience can be cut to any length to suit your needs
Camouflaged - The khaki colour makes the cord ideal for use in the outdoors and is the perfect Scout accessory
Multi-purpose Use - Including use with survival bags when building temporary shelters, washing lines when camping, replacement shoe and boot laces, guy lines, washing lines and is even great for use in the garden
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